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The Pot and the Pot Painting_2_CPulitzer copy.jpg

I found an old Polaroid from a painting class I did in 1983. It was a large canvas covered in painted pots. Decades later I’m still painting pots but also making them. It’s like giving the painting legs to walk out of the two-dimensional space.




Most of my stories read fast,
a lot happens in the space of 1-3 pages

A few story titles

The Dull then Not So Dull Dinner Party

The Pug

Lost in Tibet

The Big Plastic Egg

Little Winifred

Live and Learn

Flo Flo

Two Books of Very Short Illustrated Stories:

One Fiction, the other Nonfiction, with Recipes

MLTS_FEB 05,2019_recto-600px wide 4 book




Quick reads as above except
these stories are true

A few story titles

My Date with Rachel Maddow

Bad Honeymoon

David Letterman and Mom


Uncle Poo in the Big Easy

Little Wooden Birds


Spooky Action at a Distance

Unfortunately, unless I want to upload my books again (I don't), they're unavailable.

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