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This pot made me think of George Ohr, the Mad Potter of Biloxi. I hated how it came out of the glaze firing so I reglazed and refired it. Doing that is like trying to get one pane of molten glass to stick to another pane of molten glass. It's strictly up to the clay gods how it comes out so this is unrepeatable, one of a kind.

George Ohr was a character. From NOMA curator, Mel Buchanan’s article on, “Ohr had no parallels in pottery or art. The artist acknowledged his individuality by decorating his five-story, pagoda-shaped Biloxi, Mississippi, building with signs: "Unequaled unrivaled — undisputed" and "Greatest Art Potter On The Earth- You prove the contrary.” 

That's what I call Chutzpah!


Shipping is included on Mad Potter.

Photo ©Barry Kaiser

Photo George Ohr

Carol Pulitzer




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