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THRILLED TO BE PART OF HOUSE & GARDEN UK, License To Kiln, ceramicists chosen by the magazine's editors.

Updated: Apr 13

It's not every morning you get an email from Condé Nast! House & Garden UK is such a great magazine! Here are the covers from March, April, May in which my ceramics appear.


The pot below is named wedding dress for the little satin buttons climbing up the spine.

Below are the text and other photos that appeared in the 3 issues.

Carol Pulitzer

Pulitzer’s ceramics, ‘Funky Greeks’ and ‘The Ancients’, contrast the perfection of classic Greek forms with wild marks of the human touch. Two new collections, Wedding Dresses (think silky buttons running up the back of the pot) and Graphics (modern, loose graphic design) will debut soon. Pulitzer works out of New Orleans.

You can also visit the digital shops on House & Garden

H & G Shops: Inside & Out

Scroll down to see my 2 pots: Leonard Cohen and The Swan that appear in the digital edition of House & Garden. These only stay up for one month.


The one below is named Armor because it reads ancient military to me.

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